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Membership at EristarsUK is open to individuals of Eritrean heritage aged 6 to 25 years and beyond. We expect all members to engage respectfully with fellow community members and actively contribute positively to our discussions and activities. In order to foster a welcoming environment, we strictly prohibit any form of hate speech, discriminatory language, or offensive content.Members who have medical conditions or disabilities are encouraged to provide accurate information to ensure we can offer appropriate support.

EristarsUK reserves the right to terminate membership in cases of community guideline violations.By joining EristarsUK, I voluntarily agree to adhere to the EristarsUK Rules and Regulations, as well as any rules governing competitions in which the club participates. In case my child or children are injured during football training, matches, or related events, and I cannot be reached using the provided contact numbers, I hereby grant consent for my child to receive necessary medical attention.

Photographic consent: Images and voideos of members under the age of 18 will never be identified or named without parental consent. These images or videos will only be used in accordance with the club's child protection and photography policies, as well as Best Practice guidelines. I hereby grant consent to EristarsUK for the processing of my personal data, or my child's personal data, which I have supplied for the purpose of managing membership. I understand that I have the choice to withhold or withdraw my consent at any time. However, I acknowledge that doing so may limit the services and activities available to me through EristarsUK and may lead to administrative delays. I am aware that this information will be processed in accordance with EristarsUK's Data Privacy Notice."

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