Our purpose is to empower and uplift young individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds, specifically the British-Eritrean community.

At EristarsUK, we believe that everyone possesses talent and potential, yet not all have equal access to opportunities. Our organisation, registered as a community interest charity (CIC) under the regulatory authority of the United Kingdom, is dedicated to achieving our organisational goals, aims, and objectives.

Founded in 2017 by Goitom Seyoum, EristarsUK began as a pilot initiative with only five individuals. Since then, we have successfully supported numerous underprivileged young people in attaining excellent grades, starting from Key Stage 2 to GCSE, A-Level, and even university undergraduate studies.

Our Values

Whatever we do, this is the heart of it.

  • Push all boundaries
  • Operate with purpose
  • Bring excellence in all areas of life

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower young British - Eritrean youth to unlock their potential, fostering personal growth and enabling them to make meaningful contributions to their communities and society as a whole.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe and supportive environment for the Eritrean community in West London, offering a diverse range of positive activities and opportunities to help individuals realise their full potential in both work and life.

In addition, we actively promote integration and community cohesion by implementing projects that foster collaboration and understanding among various cultural communities. By providing guidance, support, and educational resources to young individuals from all backgrounds, with a specific emphasis on ethnic minority communities, we aim to bridge the opportunity gap and empower them to thrive and succeed.

Our PARTNERS and Funders

Meet Our Amazing Team
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
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Yemane Gebregorgis

A full-time managing director for a small family business, Mr Yemane Gebreslassie seats on the board of Directors for EristarsUK.
Founder & Director
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Goitom Seyoum

A founder and coordinator of the EriStarsUK, Mr Goitom Seyoum deals with the high-level running of operations and sets out key strategies.
STEM Teacher
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Alula Abraha

An undergrad level Science and Maths teacher and researcher, Mr A Ghermazion teaches Maths from key stages 2 up to undergraduate level.
Teacher & Director
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Abrehet Kaleab

An accomplished mother of two and an avid Tigrigna language teacher, whose children also went through EristarsUK & is committed to giving back to the community.
Teacher & Director
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Fieven G. Tewelde

A mother of two and a keen Tigrigna language teacher, whose children also study in EristarsUK & is committed to giving back to the community.