Wellbeing - The Power of taking a break


The summer just ended, and what better time to slow down and enjoy life for a bit? We, EristarsUK, are fueled by fun, and thus we deem it important to find time for fun activities and for not just being so serious. Life is more than tasks and to-do lists. Life should be fun and pleasurable too.

In addition, taking a break once in a while is so important for our ability to be focused and productive at other times. Life is a balancing act. Being productive all the time is exhausting for our mental and creative abilities. You cannot force inspiration or clarity to appear. Sometimes, the best thing you can do in order to gain inspiration and clarity is to take a break.

Have you ever tried standing in the shower, and suddenly the best idea ever hit you? Woken up in the middle of the night full of inspiration? Or solve a problem while going for a walk or while jogging? That’s the power of taking a break.

The Challenge of Taking a Break

In most cultures, we’re taught that we need to be productive and achieve great things if we are to be of any worth. Schools tell us we need good grades, companies tell us we need to work hard and long hours, and the unspoken expectations of society tell us we can only have a good life if we place the needs of everyone else before our own needs.

As much as we love doing epic things at Eristars and having a big impact, we don’t think any of that is necessary in order to be valuable. Our achievements do not define our worth. We believe that everyone is enough in themselves.

Unproductive times are powerful. Many of the most successful people know this and take time off or even a whole sabbatical in order to recharge themselves and gain new inspiration. Scandinavians promote the 4-hour workweek for exactly this reason. We cannot run on full power all the time. Taking a break is healthy and it may even boost your productivity in the long run!

Great Ways of Taking a Break

Of course you need to find your own way of taking a break, but here is some inspiration you can consider.

  • Phone Detox: Don’t just take a break from work, also take a break from being online. Constantly checking our phones distracts us, keeps us busy, and doesn’t give us room to think and relax.
  • Energizing Activities: In order to recharge, do something that you really love and that gives you energy. It doesn’t have to be productive, purposeful, or prestigious. It just needs to be something you really like to do.
  • Beginner’s Mind: Learning something new just for fun or out of interest is a great way to get a break from your normal routine and daily tasks. It might be a breath of fresh air in your everyday life.
  • Physical Activities: We spend a lot of time thinking and using our mental abilities. Doing sports isn’t just healthy for your body, it is also a great way to clear your mind and make space for new ideas.

On that note, go out, getaway, take a break and enjoy living! Life is too short not to go on adventures.

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