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Come for family glory at EristarsUK

Mums, dads and young people can take part in EristarsUK activities, thanks to our free newly restructured and reorganised programmes due to Covid-19.

All educational and sporting activities are held each week on Saturdays at The Curve in Latimer Road. The programme, which was relaunched in September, sees many family members of the young people taking various activities including football sessions, Tigrigna classes, mental Maths, science, parenting skills, employability, digital skills & wellbeing.

The last four trainings are organised in collaboration with our delivery partner Ubuntu Pledge, and can be tailored however families see fit. For example, if there were ten members, they could all take at least two of the four courses, or two couples could take one each.

Each family is assessed before the start of the training and at the end so we can measure their improvements.

EristarsUK founder Goitom Seyoum said: “Taking part in training is a great way for parents to spend some quality time with their children in a fun and healthy way. Our supplementary education and football help young people and families improve their fitness and motivate them to improve their performance month on month.

“We look forward to welcoming even more participants this year.”

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