Life Skills: preparing young people beyond academic success


Here at EristarsUK in partnership with Ubuntu Pledge, we have one single-minded ambition – to inspire young people and their families to get the skills they need for a better future. And that’s what we do. Not just online, but in class and through valuable real-world experiences.

Academic success on its own is not enough. If we want to prepare well-rounded, happy, resilient young people, they need a rich and broad curriculum and range of experiences.

LifeSkills works with teachers, parents and the community to help young people and their families:

  • Build job-hunting skills - Find out how social media can supercharge a CV, get tips for creating strong covering letters and LinkedIn profiles, and practice interview techniques.
  • Learn financial management skills - By working through core lifeSkills, they’ll unlock and develop valuable personal skills – including time management.
  • Identify digital skills - Interactive challenges help identify and develop personal skills – with useful advice on the effective use of the Internet, social media and email.

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82% of students rated LifeSkills resources as good or very good, and 85% agreed LifeSkills helped them feel better prepared to make future career and life decisions

How can we all get involved?

Our work in this area will contribute to the growing case for building character and resilience in young people. We have a strong interest in developing young people beyond academic success.

Young people

  • Learn time management skills
  • Explore employability skills
  • Supercharge your CV
  • Find work experience
  • Learn basic financial literacy

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  • Find free tools, tips and advice
  • Unlock your child’s potential
  • Enjoy digital & interactive challenges
  • Help your children get into work or further studies

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